Thumb-Size R/C Mini Cooper [Detailed Images Demo]

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Mini Mini Mini... Mini Coopers

With the current fuel crisis forcing people into smaller and smaller vehicles and spelling impending doom for society as we know it... we figured it was a perfect time to offer these Thumb-Size R/C Mini Coopers. Their all-electric engines run off of button type batteries and are very fuel efficient. Hey... they can't carry much groceries in the trunk, but they do feature full control with forward/reverse and right/left turning... plus the remote looks like a tiny cellphone. Take that high gas prices!

Important Note
The Red and Silver versions of the Thumb-Size R/C Mini Cooper operate on the same frequency. You cannot race them at the same time as one controller will drive both cars.

Product Features

  • Tiny R/C Mini Cooper Cars are only 2.25" Long
  • Full control with forward and reverse / right and left turns
  • Choose from Red or Silver
  • Remote looks like a tiny cell phone
  • Batteries Included


This site is a demo site only. This product is not available for sale at our site.
But you can buy it at, this is where we took description from.
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